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Electrical Contractor Services: A Guide

When the lights go out, it can really disrupt your life. If you are worried about the electrical systems in your home, you have come to the right place. This blog is designed to be a handy resource which will help you to understand how the electrical system in your home work, some of the common issues which can affect it, and the ways in which an electrical contractor can help you to get things up and running again. While we don't make any claim to be professionals, we have done lots and lots of research. We hope you enjoy reading this blog.


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How to Be One Step Ahead of a Property Intruder

All commercial property owners or managers will know the importance of security in these uncertain times and how difficult it can be to ensure their premises are as protected as possible. After all, it can be very hard to discourage a would-be thief when the facility is open to entry during normal hours, and people can see what may or may not be inside. Yet, given that it's virtually impossible to make such property into a fortress, it's essential to use technology to discourage or provide proof in the event of an incident. The good news is that there are now many different security camera types available, and if you are trying to protect your own property, what options are available?

Many Ways to Achieve the Goal

Due to technological advances, sophisticated security cameras are no longer out of reach. It may often be a good idea to include several different camera types, placed in strategic locations and designed to provide you with as much deterrence and evidence as necessary in the specific situation.

Clear Deterrence

For example, you may want to mount a bullet camera or two where they can be inaccessible but are obviously a deterrent. These cameras will be pointed in a certain direction, and this will be very obvious to a would-be criminal. This may serve to deter them from proceeding any further.

Maximum Sophistication

Some people will need an even more sophisticated camera if they have to protect a larger area with multiple potential access points. In this case, they may need to track movement should somebody breach the property line and zero in on the intruder to help with identification. PTZ cameras (pan/tilt/zoom) can be the perfect solution for situations like this. These cameras can adjust the field of view by using software applications or remote operators. They can provide 360° of coverage over a very large area and can be used with fixed, bullet cameras elsewhere. They can be preprogrammed to move back and forth to cover predefined areas automatically based on your specific needs.

Virtual Options

Some of these cameras actually incorporate a variety of individual, fixed lenses that can be configured to provide 360° of coverage. The software will "stitch" all of the individual streams together to provide one panoramic image when required.

What's Right for You?

As you can see, there are many different security camera options designed to protect all manner of property types.

For more information, contact a CCTV installation company.