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Electrical Contractor Services: A Guide

When the lights go out, it can really disrupt your life. If you are worried about the electrical systems in your home, you have come to the right place. This blog is designed to be a handy resource which will help you to understand how the electrical system in your home work, some of the common issues which can affect it, and the ways in which an electrical contractor can help you to get things up and running again. While we don't make any claim to be professionals, we have done lots and lots of research. We hope you enjoy reading this blog.


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How A Simple Service Your Electrician Provides Could Save You A Lot Of Money

Electricity is an expensive bill at the best of times, and with prices always going up it is necessary to try to look for ways to manage your electrical budget. Electricians can provide valuable, cost-cutting services by advising you on your appliances and wasted power, but they also do something that not many Australians are familiar with. Thermal image testing can help save you a lot of money in the long-term, which is why it is always best to get it done as soon as possible. Here is a brief introduction to thermal image testing and how it can help your home.

What Is Thermal Image Testing?

Thermal image testing is exactly what it sounds like: a simple tool that is used to display levels of heat, rather than a colour image. You may be familiar with this sort of technology in games or movies, but it is often used in far more mundane situations in real life. Most electricians will carry a thermal imaging gun, and if your local one doesn't, then simply do a quick search to find the nearest one that does. Always double-check before you hire them that they can do thermal imaging, as the last thing you want is for someone unprepared to walk into your home.

How Does It Help?

Thermal image testing has a lot of high-end uses, but for your residential purposes, it can help expose where the faults in your electrical system are. For example, if an area of your homes electrical box is far hotter than the rest, then this indicates that the wiring or other components in that area are malfunctioning. Stopping these faults before they happen is one common reason why thermal image testing is used in residential areas. It has saved a lot of money and potentially a lot of homes from being burnt down.

Identify Poor Electrical Design

Apart from purely finding out whether an area of your electrical grid is malfunctioning, a thermal image test can also show if your electrical grid in your home is inefficiently wired. If one area of your home is running red-hot despite showing no obvious faults, then there is a good chance that it is because there are too many things connected to that area. The electrician can then simply re-arrange your electrical grid to allow for a more even distribution of power, which is safer and more long-lasting.