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Electrical Contractor Services: A Guide

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Understanding the Risks Associated With Smoke Detector Installation

A smoke detector is one of the smallest appliances you can install in your property. A high percentage of home fire deaths happen due to lack of a properly-working smoke detector. Therefore, you should ensure the proper installation and maintenance of your smoke detector. 

In Australia, any new homes should have the interconnected Australian Standard smoke detectors. These devices should be in all hallways connecting the bedrooms, and on every floor of the property. Also, allow the experts to handle your smoke detector installation. Electricians work to control any health and safety risks associated with the installation process.

Here are some of the dangers electrical professionals need to manage. 

Working in Heat

It can be uncomfortable to work in hot or humid areas such as the ceiling. There is also the risk that one suffers from fatal heat-related illnesses. These heat-related illnesses mainly affect people if the level of humidity is high. Some of the elements that influence the development of these diseases are age, medical conditions, body weight and the current health of an individual. 

The best way to deal with these risks is by installing smoke alarms during the cool hours of the day. A frequent replacement of the fluids can also help the situation. 

Handling Asbestos

Any work involving asbestos needs one to be extremely careful. Anytime an electrical expert is installing smoke alarms, they ensure the ceiling sheeting does not have any asbestos. If there are traces of asbestos on the ceiling, then it is best to find an alternative area to install the device.

Sometimes the experts may not find another suitable place to put up the smoke detector. They must take the appropriate safety steps in such situations. The electrical specialists should also contact the local council to find out the best way to handle any asbestos waste from the process. 

Working in Ceiling Spaces

Sometimes the installation process of smoke detectors needs access to ceiling spaces. Ceiling spaces pose various kinds of risks. Electricians need to turn off electricity at the switchboard before getting into the ceiling space. After turning off the power, the next step is to pre-examine any potential risks at the roof cavity. That way, electrical experts will know the right steps to take to avoid these risks. 

Expert electricians know the right way to install the smoke detectors. They also understand the potential risks involved in the installation procedure. Thus, these electricians follow the proper safety steps. That way, they prevent any injuries or damage when working in your space.