Electrical Contractor Services: A GuideElectrical Contractor Services: A Guide

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Electrical Contractor Services: A Guide

When the lights go out, it can really disrupt your life. If you are worried about the electrical systems in your home, you have come to the right place. This blog is designed to be a handy resource which will help you to understand how the electrical system in your home work, some of the common issues which can affect it, and the ways in which an electrical contractor can help you to get things up and running again. While we don't make any claim to be professionals, we have done lots and lots of research. We hope you enjoy reading this blog.


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Understanding Electrical Services

Electricity is an important feature that helps accomplish day-to-day activities both at home and at work. For you to be able to utilise electricity, you need various electrical services that include wiring, installing sockets and lighting fixtures, installing electrical appliances, electrical repair services, etc. Here is what you need to know about electrical services:

Commercial and Residential Electrical Contractor

Before you hire an electrical contractor for electrical services, you need to identify whether you need commercial or residential electrical services. A commercial electrical contractor is usually more experienced than a residential electrical contractor.

Commercial electrical work is more technical than residential electrical work because it may require seeking permits, using commercial-grade fixtures and wiring to withstand high amp electrical currents, the installation of powerful back-up generators, setting up electrical safety protocols and automated responses, etc.

What does this teach you? If you need electrical services for a commercial setting, hire a commercial electrical contractor. Likewise, if you need electrical services for a residential property, hire a residential electrical contractor.

What Electrical Services Do You Need?

There are different electrical needs, as you will see below. If you are looking for an electrical contractor, find one who specialises in the particular electrical needs you have:


Some electrical contractors only specialise in electrical wiring services. If you are constructing a building and need electrical wiring installed, these are the contractors to hire. Electrical wiring contractors also find and repair faults in electrical wiring. Don't forget to check whether they are commercial or residential electrical wiring contractors.

Fixtures like sockets and lighting

These are electrical contractors who handle the installation and repair of sockets, lighting fixtures, switches, etc. You may find that electrical wiring contractors may also carry out this type of electrical work. Therefore, instead of hiring two electrical specialists when installing wiring to a newly built building, you can just use the electrical wiring contractor.

Electrical appliances

These are electrical contractors who specialise in the installation or repair of different electrical appliances. Such appliances can include refrigerators, television sets, music systems, microwaves, hot water systems, computers, etc. Ensure you hire an electrical contractor who specialises in the particular appliances you need help with.


Avoid attempting electrical installations or repairs that are technical; you can easily get electrocuted, cause damage or cause a fire that destroys property or burns you. The safe electrical repairs you can attempt are changing fuses or burnt bulbs.